What can Bitcoin buy?

Several big-name online retailers accept Bitcoin now, including Overstock, Newegg, Dell, Tiger Direct, and 1-800-Flowers, but there are over 67,000 smaller online companies also accepting the payment method using Coinbase or Bitpay.  Check out Bitpay’s directory and the Bitcoin Yellow Pages to browse and search through the retailers.

Though the physical realm is less accepting of Bitcoin, Coinmap lists almost 5,800 businesses around the world that will take your digital coins in exchange for goods and services.  SpendBitcoins is another similar directory of physical businesses accepting Bitcoin.

If, however, you were really wanting to spend money at a company that isn’t currently accepting Bitcoin, such as Amazon or Best Buy, another option exists: gift cards.  Gyft and eGifter both offer a huge variety of gift cards available for both online and physical retailers.

In essence, Bitcoin can buy just about anything you can think of, even alpaca socks!

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